Mental break: illusion.scene360.com

Soul Canvas


Check out this stop motion mini-film by Steven Briand and starring Luca Fiore called “Proteigon”.

The music is perfectly synchronized and I couldn’t help but watch it 3 times, I am easily amused 🙂

Meet Zombie boy

If you don’t know who zombie boy is take a look at the pic below….

Now that you’ve seen him I bet you are hectically judging him right now! Yes those are real tattoos and yes he has tattooed himself from head to toe. Low bow to the tattoo artist that did his tattoos! Check out this interview below where he explains why he decided to do so. I must admit, it slightly changed my opinion of him. I wasn’t thinking of him as a person before this, just a “freak” so to speak. But he has motivations and reasons for doing what he did, whether you agree with them or not. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he…

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