Kiev in Miniature

Girl Meets Bulgaria

No Scavenger Hunt Sunday today, unfortunately.

The weather this past week has kept me cooped up in the house with little desire to wade through the puddles and mud to take photos!

But I did find something photography related that had me very interested this week.

I have known about tilt shift photography for a few years now and it always intrigued me. I think that miniaturized view is so creative.

I came across this time-lapse video of tilt shift photography (or the effect, anyway) over Kiev, Ukraine on Petya’s blog.

I was captivated.

Tilt shift lenses produce a very shallow depth of field. This can result in making a scene look somewhat miniature in scale. Other times, such as in this video, the effect is produced after the fact in post-processing. However it is done, the effect is awesome.

The creators of MiniLook Kiev (Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski)…

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