Distort your senses of the night sky

The sky this month

Meteor persistent train

You are about to take a voyage of discovery that’s 100 per cent within the realm of site and sound. You may think you’re in the twilight zone but you’re not.  It’s reality.

Temporal Distortions by Dakotalapse is the most impressive film I’ve seen of the night sky. This time lapse high definition film may seem like a computer animation but it’s not. It’s what you and I see and experience every night when we look into the night sky.

The film sequences were shot in South Dakota, Utah’s Arches National Park and Colorado’s Canyon of the Ancients in  2011.These 20-30 second exposures were pieced together over several long hours to produce this impressive film.

You will witness the sky moving around you, meteors whizzing through the night sky and the swirls of colourful auroras.

You will experience the Milky Way like you never have before.

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